March 04, 2007


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Croft Woodruff

Andrew Weil was once described by biochemist and fluoride authority, John Yiamouyiannis PhD, as being a fraction of an inch deep and ten miles wide.

Dr. Weil, is like a subversive "Fifth Column Bug." He ingratiates himself with the Quackpots like Polevoy and Barrett by giving lip service to vaccinations, fluoridation and other questionable allopathic practices while he misleads many unwary people who may be open to looking into and/or following the natural health paradigm but are reluctant to turn away from some of the worst aspects and obvious failures of allopathic medicine - Cut, Poison and Burn.

Zoltan Rona

I guess he's just not worth Weil. Thanks, Croft.


Thx to Dr. Rona's insightful,concise and truthful postings, we are kept abreast of what rightfully belongs to all of us. Including the reperesentation referring to Dr. A. Weil.

One can not be too discerning when it comes to something as important as one's health and well being. Thank you Dr. Rona.


Dr C.

Would be interested in hearing the evidence against Dr. Weil and for Dr. Mercola; seeing that Dr. Weil is an incredibly respected doctor from Harvard and Dr. Mercola is about as credible as Kevin Trudeau. As an aside, UB was actually owned by the Moonies (learned that fact at their ND open house).

Health Education

A holistic therapy provides a complementary alternative healing method to standard medicine. Holistic natural health education and health care includes alternative natural health remedies, like herbal healing, and an abundance of health and wellness products and services.

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HealthWorld Online ( is a multi-authored site
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Ray Foucher

I advise people to take more personal responsibility for their own health and do more of their own research instead of relying so much on their (usually allopathic) doctors. Also, then people would be less likely to be taken in by scams.

Jordan 8

Count your age with friends but not with years. Good luck to you!!

Ray Foucher

I appreciate you comments. I also advocate a natural approach to health and emphasise that people need to be more reponsible to learn about health and care more for themselves .

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Does that make sense. It made perfect sense to the COMCAST customer service rep I spoke with. Actually it made perfect sense to all three COMCAST customer service reps I spoke with.
I went ballistic.


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